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When your company is riding on the success of one or a few products, it is essential to understand the reimbursement landscape early.


LARA Reimbursement Advisory will conduct a comprehensive reimbursement landscape assessment so that you will know where your product stands, and more important, what needs to happen to ensure your product’s success in the marketplace. 


We will help you plan your reimbursement and market access strategy in the short term and over the horizon, so you will have a predictable, expected way forward.


Many companies with a market cap over $2 billion have the infrastructure to implement and execute reimbursement and market access strategies.


LARA Reimbursement Advisory will work with you to ensure that your internal resources are confident that the plan in place can be executed and that any additional work needed is evaluated so that action can be taken.


Companies with extensive resources constantly examine and assess the way they do things. LARA Reimbursement Advisory provides the external, dispassionate expertise needed to ensure success in the marketplace.


We also provide the extra resource some companies need on a temporary basis in order to tackle important, sometimes freestanding projects – like an anticipated coverage or payment policy change (which the company itself may initiate).


We have experience working in and with trade associations and specialty societies, so we have a unique understanding of what it takes to make these organizations run well.


We know you have to balance the needs and desires of your members, who have different priorities and are of different sizes. Keeping up with the pressures of policy research and advocacy, payer research and advocacy, as well as coordinating among various government affairs personnel is challenging, to say the least.


LARA can relieve that pressure by deeply working policy and payer channels for you.

Contact us to find out how you can get help you for your reimbursement challenges!
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