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  • Brian Abraham

Digital health a leader, except for reimbursement strategy

A recent (online) headline read something like, “Digital health is taking the lead but leaders are not caught up to digital health.” Narrowing that statement, it seems that public and private payers relinquish leading as they struggle to include digital health applications as part of the integrated way in which they say they approach their members’/enrollees’ health care and wellness. Payers, at times, seem to avoid dealing with innovative medical technologies that track real-time patient data and even prompt patient or clinician decisions.

It’s hard to deal with items or services that do not have ample evidence from multi-arm, multi-million-dollar clinical trials. However, there may be ways to generate enough evidence, and enough solid data, which can be evaluated and validated for payers to understand and consider the application an integral and integrated part of patient care.

LARA Reimbursement Advisory can help digital health companies continue to lead and engage payers so these medical technologies can become part of the reimbursement equation. Let’s have a discussion about payers reimbursing for digital health applications as part of the overall patient care continuum. We have the right experience and background in market access and reimbursement consulting services, especially for these emerging medical technologies. Contact us at so we can talk.

Brian Abraham is the founder and principal of LARA Reimbursement Advisory, a strategic reimbursement consulting firm serving biopharmaceutical, medical device, and digital health companies. Brian has served inside biopharma and device companies building market access strategies and teams, and founded LARA in 2015, to help companies solve their own complex reimbursement and market access challenges. He may be reached at

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